Why ArtisPay?


ArtisPay is our only platform. Coupling this singular focus, with user feedback, allows for quick and efficient updates.


ArtisPay is built on state-of-the-art, secure technology - ensuring security and guaranteeing up-time.


No surprises. No commitments. No minimums. We are your partners. Your success is our success.


ArtisPay is purpose-built for small and medium-sized lenders; it's not a byproduct of an antiquated ERP.

ArtisPay – Not an Elevator Pitch

ArtisPay – Not an Elevator Pitch

The world loves an elevator pitch. Elevator pitches make the world go (a)round. All kidding aside, elevator pitches have great value, but, as anyone who runs a company or provides a product can attest, it can be quite challenging to succinctly summarize a product,...