ArtisPay – Not an Elevator Pitch

by Feb 13, 2019Supply Chain Finance

The world loves an elevator pitch. Elevator pitches make the world go (a)round. All kidding aside, elevator pitches have great value, but, as anyone who runs a company or provides a product can attest, it can be quite challenging to succinctly summarize a product, experience, and expertise into a few sentences. This is particularly salient when discussing a product, platform, field, etc. that you are absolutely passionate about.

Think about Twitter, a programming friend of mine once told me that Twitter can be explained as “an online conversation.” While that statement makes perfect sense if you know what Twitter is, it is almost impossible to conceptualize what the speaker is talking about without some context or general knowledge base.

Similarly, when I tell banks and lenders that, with an ArtisPay Supply Chain Finance program, they can create significant new fee income with their current (and former) clients at no additional cost; while simultaneously improving their clients’ businesses and strengthening their relationships with them, I get some quizzical looks. Like Twitter, it can be challenging to conceptualize a new idea you’ve never seen, even when it exists within environments you know very well. People understand their smartphones, apps, social media, online blogs – but tweeting? What is a tweet? Why tweet? However, there are 326 million active monthly users of twitter, and 500 million tweets a day. (Omnicore Agency Twitter Statistics). Twitter is massively popular and has great utility.

Supply Chain Finance is massively popular and has great utility. Supply Chain Finance has been used by fortune 500 companies and global banks for decades. To tweet, all a smartphone user with a wi-fi connection needs is the app. Similarly, bankers and lenders have at their fingertips everything they need to have a scalable and highly profitable Supply Chain Finance program (clients, lines of credit, industry knowledge, capital to deploy, capitalism in their hearts), they’re dialed into their communities, they just need the App to run the program– ArtisPay is that application.

If Jack Dorsey claimed, as he launched twitter, his new “online conversation” will be at the center of politics, global spying, public company announcements, celebrity gossip, inside professional locker rooms and the cause of SEC investigations (I love you Elon) – he would have been accused of selling hopium (an addiction to false hopes).

Twitter is not hopium, Twitter is real, and it is actually pretty awesome. Supply Chain Finance is not hopium either. Supply Chain Finance is new income, growth, profit, innovation and client satisfaction. Supply Chain Finance is here, now, to the middle and small market – brought to you by ArtisPay. Supply Chain Finance is real, and it is definitely awesome.

Reach out to us, we will spare you the elevator pitch.