“Initially, we piloted the program internally with a handful of our vendors. Remarkably, in less than two months, before actually launching the program with our clients, we already had a positive ROI. The most surprising part of our experience with Artis has been how little work it requires administratively on our end — typically, about 5 minutes daily. Full disclosure, the work on our end has been selling SCF to clients. However, we have a partner in this work. Artis is there every step of the way, joining us on client calls, and providing sales and training webinars. We are extremely excited to see this program flourish.”

Myles Bradley
Vice President

“We chose to go with Artis because ArtisPay was the only product that had all of the features we required. Capable demoed every software we could find and found that the other software providers skewed to either a marketplace model or focused too heavily on the buyer (as the software company wanted to fund the buyer). The robust currency support and international banking accommodations from Artispay allowed us to easily extend our operations in the UK, Europe and Australia. Artispay has also joined us on client sales and support calls to enable easy sign up and onboarding. They continue to adapt the software to our ever-changing needs and are always available, regardless of where we might be on the globe. The team is committed to our success and I feel like I truly have a business partner.”

Aimee Freeding
Managing Director

“ArtisPay has been a tremendous partner for AccelePay. After reviewing other platforms, ArtisPay was the clear choice for us: they understand how we approach SCF from our factoring perspective, they know we’re a small finance firm and do things differently than large firms do, and they have been extraordinarily helpful and responsive when we have questions or need assistance. Bottom line: the ArtisPay team is fantastic to work with and we’re very thankful for the great relationship we have with them.”

Scott Coffey

“Our experience in working with Artis has been exceptional. We are thrilled to be able to offer this innovative solution to support the growth of small- and medium-sized local businesses in our community. This is another tool in our toolbox to support our mission of helping SMB’s succeed.”

Tia Kavas
SVP-Business Credit

No Growth in the Comfort Zone

No Growth in the Comfort Zone

Factoring is one of, if not the oldest form of financing; dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and in common practice in Medieval England. In modern times, even with a proven business model, factoring is still a high-risk endeavor that makes many too uncomfortable to...
One vs. Many

One vs. Many

“One vs. many” is a phrase we at Artis often use when describing the difference between Reverse Factoring, a.k.a. Supply Chain Financing (SCF), and Factoring. The “one” refers to Supply Chain Financing and the “many” refers to Factoring. This statement may make it...