Why ArtisPay?


ArtisPay is our only platform. Coupling this singular focus, with user feedback, allows for quick and efficient updates.


ArtisPay is built on state-of-the-art, secure technology - ensuring security and guaranteeing up-time.


No surprises. No commitments. No minimums. We are your partners. Your success is our success.


ArtisPay is purpose-built for small and medium-sized lenders; it's not a byproduct of an antiquated ERP.

No Growth in the Comfort Zone

No Growth in the Comfort Zone

Factoring is one of, if not the oldest form of financing; dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and in common practice in Medieval England. In modern times, even with a proven business model, factoring is still a high-risk endeavor that makes many too uncomfortable to...
One vs. Many

One vs. Many

“One vs. many” is a phrase we at Artis often use when describing the difference between Reverse Factoring, a.k.a. Supply Chain Financing (SCF), and Factoring. The “one” refers to Supply Chain Financing and the “many” refers to Factoring. This statement may make it...