Artis Trade Systems Adds Independent Lender

by Aug 7, 2019Press Release

PHOENIX- August 5, 2019 – Artis Trade Systems Adds Independent Lender


Artis Trade Systems (“Artis”) announces it added another client to ArtisPay©, Artis’ supply chain finance (SCF) software platform. On July 29th, Artis entered into an agreement with an independent lender based in Florida.

The lender initially contacted Artis in April to request a demo of the software as they had a specific debtor in mind and wanted to understand the functionality of the software to see if it fit the debtors needs. The demo confirmed that ArtisPay would be an excellent fit for the debtor, and following the demo the lender met with the debtor “…I had a long conversation with my prospect debtor this week and they love the idea of supply chain financing and believe it is a good fit for them.” Next, the lender arranged for Artis to provide a demo of the software to their prospective debtor which was co-hosted by Artis and the lender. The prospect immediately saw the value of ArtisPay and the demo quickly shifted from functionality to how fast can they get started.

“It’s fun demoing our product to our clients prospects and seeing how excited the prospects get when they realize the value to their business and see how easy it is to use,” said Jamie Clemons, Co-Founder Artis Trade Systems. Mr. Clemons added “ArtisPay has a lot of functionality, so one of the keys for us is to understand what the buyers (debtors) needs are, then show them how ArtisPay solves those problems. We enjoy working closely with our clients to help them earn business and close deals.”


About Artis Trade Systems

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