Q&A Series Question 5 – Supply Chain Finance Trends

by May 29, 2019Series, Supply Chain Finance

What Trends in the Buyer-Supplier Relationship are you Watching Closely as you Continue to Build Out your Technology? For Example, Delayed Supplier Payments, Supply Chain Risk, Demand for Faster Cross-Border Payments, etc.?

We try to stay abreast of all developments in the buyer-supplier world. We have an exciting road map to help our banks/lenders and other clients generate the most efficient supply chain out there. One arena we recently prioritized was multicurrency and internationalization. We live in a global community and as highlighted previously a largely cloud-based community. The cloud eliminates certain barriers. However, there remain interesting and nuanced, cross-cultural trends that we are experiencing. Given the demand in other countries for our product, we have enabled a multicurrency program and this has allowed us to grow into international markets.

This growth has afforded an interesting lens through which we can now view our domestic markets and local trends as well. All of this being said, the two most important factors for us are simple and translate across any language and any platform: security and usability. We do not see security and usability so much as “trends” but more so as pillars. We are fond of the quote “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication,” and we spend a tremendous amount of effort to make the sophisticated simple.